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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Over the last few years, there
has been a spike in demand for
social media marketing services.


          Gone are the days when companies only have expensive traditional media as their marketing outlet. The dawn of the internet has had a large impact on the way businesses engage their customers. In particular, social media now allows you to go to where your customers are instead of waiting for them to come to you.

When used effectively, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help increase brand awareness and generate sales leads. While many think of social media marketing as just random internet posting, there is actually much more to it. This particular type of marketing is about fostering an online identity that encourages two-way communication between a business and its customers. It is about knowing what your customers are saying about you and how best to engage them.


                                                 Over the last few years, there has been a spike in demand for social media marketing services. Many companies have found it to be an effective addition to their business strategies. Regardless of what industry you are part of, you will find that social media can be of great help in:

Focusing Your Business Exposure

Instead of haphazardly throwing out your marketing messages in the open web, social media allows you to reach more of your prospective customers.

Increasing Trust in Your Brand

Social media allows you to connect with and respond to your customers. Be it a request or a complaint, actively communicating with them makes them feel valued.

Adding to Your SEO Efforts

Social media is an effective tool in optimizing your website’s search engine rankings. The eventual expected results are higher traffic and more conversion.

Gaining Market Insight

Through social media, you will not have to annoy your customers with boring surveys. They will give you their thoughts willingly and openly, allowing you to further improve your products and services.

Reducing Marketing Expenses

With the power of social media, you can do more AND spend less. Even with just

six hours a week of social media marketing, you can see more than a 50% increase

in your generated leads.


                                                    Many business owners struggle to think of and actually create social media content to serve their marketing purposes. At the same time, managing their everyday business operations make it hard to consistently update their accounts.

Our Web Designer team can help you establish a strong and ongoing presence in social media sites. An initial assessment of your business will allow us to identify possible opportunities and give professional advice. Through our knowledge of online trends and user behaviour, we will then create original and timely posts that are sure to grab the attention of your customers.

To make sure your efforts do not fall short, we will also provide continuous management and monitoring support for all your social media sites. Gather and get involved with your customers. You no longer have to worry about the what, when, and where of social media marketing. I Net Web Solution will handle all of it for you. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on our social media marketing services.