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Logo and Corporate Identity

“An image is not just a design. It is Huge personality profile of a business.”


Building your corporate identity is equivalent to assuring customers of your credibility. Most business owners believe that the only way to do this is to provide quality products and reliable services.

Before customers are able to appreciate your products and services, they must first know and trust who you are as a company. The first step to achieving this is by having a distinctive and memorable logo. The next step is to make sure that all your marketing collaterals are designed based on your logo. This includes your name cards, display signs, brochures, flyers, and shirts, among other things. Consistency is key in laying the foundation for a lasting and powerful corporate identity.



A logo acts as the face of your company, helping to establish its identity. It is the first thing your customers will judge you by and associate you with. But its importance goes beyond making a good impression. It is also about cultivating trust and loyalty to your brand. It serves as a stamp to all your products and services, one that customers can easily recognize and be automatically attracted to.


 “A good logo is so much more than coloured typefaces and interesting symbols.”

Logo design takes careful calculation of multiple visual elements to create a cohesive representation of your corporate identity. A good logo is:


Meaningful and Insightful

It is relevant to your core business, conveying a clear yet concise message that resonates with your customers.


Unique and Attractive

It is different from the multitude of other logos in the market. Still, it maintains a creative and easily comprehensible aesthetic.


Technically Flexible

It is scalable for use in various marketing collaterals. It also looks good both in its original colour as well as in black and white.


It takes years for high skill improving and industry experience to be able to create an impactful logo; even more so to apply the aesthetics of your logo into different marketing collaterals. I Net Web Solution have there own team of professional designers who can create a corporate logo for you and integrate it with your other marketing collaterals.

We will provide a number of design options for you to choose from, based on our interpretation of your core business. Using trusted industry tools, we will render your logo as a vector file. This will allow easy application on the design of your name cards, display signs, brochures, flyers, and shirts, to name a few. Having a uniform look to all your marketing collaterals is a great way to strengthen corporate identity, as it enhances consumer recall and establishes brand credibility.

The creative process may be a tedious one, but we will make sure that it goes smoothly and hassle-free for you. There will be continuous coordination between our team and yours, until we finally reach an output that is satisfactory to all our previously set objectives.