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Custom Programming

As the web evolves and matures, more and more companies are viewing their web sites not just as marketing materials, but as business tools. Web sites can satisfy a wide range of needs, from communication to commerce to customer relationship management, but, while off-the-shelf software can partly achieve your objectives, the modification and customizations of these tools may end up being more time-consuming and cost-ineffective.

That’s where custom web applications come in. They work exactly the way you want them  to. If you have a unique idea to help you achieve your online business objectives, we can create a custom web application to bring that idea to life in a technical, functional manner. We develop our custom web applications using a variety of technologies such as PHP and MySQL. 

As a result, whether you are looking to develop a product management and tracking system, a robust content management solution, a customized eCommerce environment or anything you can think of, we are able to create a solution tailored to your requirements.

Custom web development for a specific function involves development, programming, and testing. At the same time, we also analyze the costs and returns to ensure that there is sufficient return on investment. 

Our approach to custom development consists of two trems. The first phase involves the ‘blueprint’ where we collaborate and discuss ideas, technical options, requirements, layout and flow of contents. Once this is complete, we move on to the development phase, which includes testing and implementation. 

Term 1: Blue print 

      • Collaborate and discuss ideas

      • Consider technical options

      • Share requirements

      • Decide layout and flow of contents

Term 2: Build

      • Custom, search-engine friendly codes

      • Testing

      • Implementation