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About Us

Why "I Net Web Solution"

 It takes years for high skill improving and industry experience to be able to create a web site; even more so to apply the aesthetics of your web design into different style. I-Net Web Solution have their own team of professional designers who can create a web design and corporate logo for you. We will provide a number of design options for you to choose from, based on our analysis of your core business. We will design according to your ideas.

This will allow easy application on the design of your name cards, display signs, brochures and shirts. Having a uniform look to all your marketing collaterals is a great way to strengthen corporate identity, as it enhances consumer recall and establishes brand credibility.

Our web development services include marketing consultation, web design, SEO/SEM. We’re able to deliver completely on all aspects of your project.

Our programmers and designers are employed directly by I-Net Web Solution, so there is easier communication, more accurate of the project and higher rate of deliverability.

Stuffed with bright ideas and creative energy, our designer’s puckered brow upon design templates.
Each website and marketing collateral that I-Net Web Solution is customized based on your likings and our approvals.

Our Values



          We have great power it give us great responsibility. We know that there is a lot at pole for every client we deal with and every project that we undertake. As such, we hold ourselves accountable in all our operations and transactions. We make a sensible effort to proactively handle all aspects of our work and respond accordingly to every experiment along the way.


          The only constant in the world, is change. This is especially true in the dynamic digital marketing industry. To this end, we constantly keep an open mind, believing that there is something to learn from every new experience, trend, or technology, which we in turn share with our customers.


          Honesty is the best policy – this is an adage that we hold dear, to be honest with our clients, our employees, our stakeholders, and the people we interact with. One of our core principles is that we provide clients what they need, and not simply what they want. This is what we call “Conscientious Marketing”.


          Collaborate and conquer. We understand different individuals have different strengths and weaknesses, and aim to develop all our employees to their fullest potential. Working as a team helps us to amplify our strengths and thrive in a process-driven environment where each individual has a specialized role to fulfil.


          Expect fast, timely responses, and prompt support when and where it is warranted, even after the project has been completed.